None of it was Savanna’s fault. Her mother made mistakes. As mothers do. And then she died. As mothers do … sometimes.

book cover for Wildfire by K. Vann O'Brien

Savanna arrives in Jessop, Texas with memories of her mother throbbing in her chest and a grumpy rescue dog trailing behind. Her father has made it clear: it’s time to stop avoiding her grief and face it head-on. So together, they are renovating her mother’s childhood home.

But when Savanna runs into Blake – the boy with the scar running down his face like a teardrop – he looks at her with blame in his eyes. Drummond looks at her differently. He doesn’t fault her. He’s comfortable and selfish and simple.

After unmasking secrets from her mother’s past, Savanna is forced to reconcile the vibrant, strong woman she knew with the girl who lived in this small town long ago – the one who changed Blake and Drummond’s lives forever.

In the middle of her healing process, Savanna is suddenly faced with more devastation: a wild, unforgiving fire tears through town, burning homes, threatening lives and leaving families stranded. Savanna will have to heal and forgive quickly, to put the ashes of her own life aside and unite with the others to face the destruction … if she wants to make it out alive.

“Powerful, meaningful, deep and heart warming! It’s so well written that you will relate to Savanna in every single way and feel every single thing!” – Amazon Review

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Graceful Wind is a residential therapy center for teens struggling with drug abuse. The lodge’s website promises “comprehensive distraction removal” and “dependence recovery.”

But Alice isn’t on drugs.

The mountainside retreat does provide a needed escape from her mother, who can’t even look at her since her father left, and her friends, who glare at her from across the cafeteria, as if she’s the one who betrayed them. And most of all, she needs to escape the memory of that tragic night six months ago, when everything changed.

Once on the mountain, Alice faces new problems. Micah, the delinquent who studies her with swimming dark eyes, seems to see through all the secrets she’s guarding. Fragile Lily hasn’t spoken since her mother killed herself and seems to be leaning on Alice for support. And Jack, a counselor with a sordid past, wants Alice to talk about the things that haunt her.

In the midst of Alice’s struggle between protecting herself and letting go, an avalanche descends, cutting the power and contact with the outside world, and burying Lily in snow.

Suddenly, Alice has to overcome the tragedy of her past and focus on the dangers facing her in the moment. If she can’t find the strength to move on, she may not be able to save her new friends – or herself – from real disaster.  

“I truly felt that I was part of the novel rather than just reading it.”  – Amazon Review

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book cover for Bethesda by K. Vann O'Brien

One look at Jack after eight years apart and Violet knows he’s still mad. But she didn’t come on this expedition for him; she came to heal herself. If they find what they’re looking for, though, perhaps she can heal them both.

“This was such a powerful story and made me want to read a whole book with these characters.”  – Amazon Review

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